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My recent exploits have found me digging deep within the ancient mysteries of Hoodoo. My study of the writing system of Hoodoo has led me to some startling discoveries. At first glance, the bizarre characters, or symbols may appear daunting, but in reality they utilize a system that is very similar to our own English alphabet. Each particular symbol identifies a particular phoneme, or sound. In English our letters accomplish the same task. While the symbols themselves appear to be pictograms, like cuneiforms, they don't actually represent entire words. In addition, they lack the defining characteristics of glyphs, meaning their forms are not dependent on the particular item they are meant to describe. The major difference is that while Hoodoo symbols almost always represent a sound one for one, i.e. one symbol equals one phoneme, in English we often have letters that may represent more than one sound, or even some letters whose sounds change depending on the preceding and following letters. Hoodoo symbols remain consistent, regardless of their number or order. Once a person has documented the "alphabet" they would be able to correctly pronounce any word in the entire language. The one quality lacking however would be accurate translation of the language. Pronunciation is important, but without a dictionary, you would be absolutely sunk.

*more to be added when I have time, my little crumpets*

symbols01   Mysterious Image

I found this image while researching the strange mysteries of hoodoo cryptology. I'm not quite sure what exactly they correspond with, but I'm sure some Legend will pop into my Skull.

A cryptic message lost in the annuls of time or random coffee stain? You be the judge.